We are all are stakeholders who are equally important. But the natural world will survive without us. We humbly realise we are no more important than the creatures who live in our oceans, the workers who realise our business ambitions, and the customers we serve.


Equality in ecosystems creates human happiness and is consequently the highest value in human and business relationships. Everyone has the right to a kinder, more imaginative, and happier future.


The very definition of diversity is intelligence – the very imagination that helps us live in service to the planet, more vulnerable humans, our workers, our communities, families and ultimately ourselves.


Humans are stories on legs. Right now, what matters most is the new future we build for all stakeholders. And the beautiful, useful story we leave behind for our children. Ultimately neither wealth nor technology will build the future. Imaginative stories will.




Mathews has worked in growth teams with Naspers, Microsoft, and Tutuka.com — the global prepaid card company. They successfully founded, and exited, two marketing companies.  Published in Rolling Stone magazine, Guardian UK, and SA’s Greatest Entrepreneurs, during their time as an investigative journalist, Mathews was part of a team of great writers at Daily Maverick who helped bring the story of Marikana to the world. Today Mathews heads up huge research and insights projects for global clients, and consults on transformation. And is about to publish their first novel Dominion, and a guide for leaders called #FutureFit – A Transformative Guide For Leaders. Mathews currently consults to the world’s top technology brands, researches transactive ecosystems and is taking Newlytics to market.



A Mechatronic engineer who has founded and run a digital marketing agency, and co-founded three Saas startups. Maimon’s most successful startup was Calabash.courses, which grew from a small, bootstrapped, online learning platform to a disruptive edutech product with VC funding. Through building dozens of apps and platforms and as Head of Product, Head of Development, and in his own startups, Maimon has discovered how to build effective, user-friendly products, and to leverage emerging technology to break the mold. Maimon has been challenged to understand why good ideas don’t necessarily translate into good products, and how to achieve simplicity through careful planning and stringent engineering. Currently Maimon is the technology advisor for Calabash.courses and founder of @Newlytics.



The smartest, easy-to-use analytics platform for small businesses, smaller online traders, creators and emerging agencies. Maimon built Newlytics to bring relief and intelligent marketing to creatives, freelancers, online traders and professionals hurt by COVID. Mathews heads up the Go-To-Market drive and Human Happiness.


 An incubator based in South Africa that helps young rebels achieve their dreams of becoming successful and sustainable entrepreneurs who create jobs and help to rebuild SA. While our location is South African, Marabele is a Pan Africanist movement that recognises and respects SA’s interconnectedness with Africa. Join our growing community of rebels.


Lead researcher and author on Online Retail in South Africa 2019 with Arthur Goldstuck, MD of World Wide Worx. This was presented to the ecommerce community in SA in 2019 and was sponsored by Visa, and endorsed by the Ecommerce  Institute of Africa.


Lead Researcher on large scale research to understand mobility, and the global private charter ecosystem. This work sought to understand ZUUM’s contextual challenges, to reinvent its story, and to create a sustainability plan for the brand. This was done in conjunction with Platinum Seed.


Lead researcher on large-scale education to establish the market and to validate product and brand. This research study was for Valenture Institute, a global private online high school offering a curriculum recognised by the world’s leading universities. Valenture’s unique approach includes integration with worldwide sustainability objectives and encourages the holistic development of every student towards their purposeful and impactful future.


Foundational brand story, strategy and system for Valenture Institute. This thinking and story system was used to create the content plan for Valenture for 2020. Part of the thinking was based on the work of Joseph Campbell. 

This was done in conjunction with Platinum Seed.